Both geographically and metaphorically, Tangier sits at the crossroads of trade routes and civilizations – on African soil, but just a few miles from Europe’s southern shores. Throughout its history, its exceptional location has attracted merchants, bankers and artists, creating a cosmopolitan, multilingual city; highly tolerant of diversity.

By harnessing its unique qualities of geographic location, cultural heritage and linguistic abilities the ancient port city of Tangier has transformed into a dominant commercial gateway. King Mohammed VI has personally prioritised the development of the city as a touristic and industrial hub.

The two pivotal projects in the current evolution of Tangier are the development of Tanger Med and the reconversion of the Bay of Tangier. Vast amounts of regional aid have been pumped into the two projects.

There has been an innovative private public partnership and Tangier is really reaping the benefits. Improvements in infrastructure, coupled with free trade zones, open skies travel and relaxed investment and visa regimes have attracted foreign investors. Key sectors are manufacturing and the automotive and aerospace industries.

Tangier is undoubtedly a booming commercial gateway and manufacturing hub connecting Africa to Europe.

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